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The Dunwich Daynamo ride was a piece of cake (mmm, cake) compared to trying to update the website. Computers, eh?

Anyway, it was an eventful and rewarding couple of days in London for us all. The hardest part of the journey to London was finding the hotel from Stratford station which was, so we were reliably told, a mere 8 minute walk away. This was strange as it took 45 minutes and included carrying bikes over our shoulders as we walked up and down interminable stairs. I wonder who was navigating...moving swiftly on...

It was great to meet up with Clare, David and Jim from For Brian CIC and Bikeworks CIC respectively and to sit in the sultry Stratford sun, sipping beer/coke/wine (delete where appropriate) and catching up on news. Peter is one of the patrons for For Brian CIC and so it was particularly good to share ideas and plans for future rides. And we do have some cracking plans for the future hatching!

In the morning we met up with Lucy from Alzheimer's Research UK. Lucy has been brilliant as our fundraising and general liaison rep and so it was good to get to meet her, even at this ungodly hour of 7.45am. Special thanks also to BBC Radio Suffolk - Sarah Lilley who gave us air time on the phone before we set out.

The final member of the quartet arrived in the shape of Andrew. There had been last minute panic on the state of Andrew's bike and so many thanks go to South London Cycles at such late notice for helping to ensure the bike was in tip top condition and ready for the rigours that lay ahead.

And so we were off. Some seven hours and fifty one minutes later (where did the time go) we arrived in Saxmundham. Fish and chips miraculously appeared courtesy of Martin and were consumed with gusto, curry sauce and mushy peas (again, according to taste.)

A huge thanks to Sue - who never goes on social media so she won't see this acknowledgement - but she drove to Stratford to collect our luggage, met us at our first coffee stop and then drove to Saxmundham to deposit our luggage before heading back to London.

A final chapeau to the ubiquitous and generally wonderful person BBC Radio Suffolk - Lesley Dolphin who interviewed us on the Monday. All of the interviews can be found in the media section of this website. Don't miss the one with Lesley on Monday where Teresa's bottom gets a good airing, in a manner of speaking.

The link for JustGiving will remain live for another few months so don't be shy. We have smashed our original target but let's keep going!

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