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Dementia in the Media

A few weeks ago, Peter took part in a live webinar with the Alzheimer's Society to discuss how dementia was portrayed in the media. It was evident from that webinar that attitudes were changing around its portrayal and, as more people spoke out about their own experiences of living with the condition, this would continue to be the case. However, there was still a way to go to debunk the myths and stereotypes which were wrapped up tightly around the condition.

Last night saw Anthony Hopkins pick up Best Actor award at the Oscars for his role in the The Father. BBC Radio Suffolk's James Hazell wanted to find out more about the media and dementia and who better to advise him than Suffolk's go-to authority on the subject, Peter?!

Within moments of receiving the request to appear on James' morning show, Peter was chatting live to James. It remained really key, said Peter, to keep dementia on the agenda as there was only a certain amount 'ordinary' people could do. If the condition was portrayed accurately and with empathy, then Peter was all for films like The Father because the message would reach so many more people.

Hear Peter's interview in full on the link below.

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