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Dementia Awareness Week: Conference Time

We had a great day at the Suffolk Dementia Conference. I can only imagine the amount of organisation and work that went into this conference and so a big well done to Gail Cardy from Suffolk County Council and Care Development East plus the cast of several others who put this together.

Some time ago, when the conference was in its infancy, Gail asked us if we would do the morning and afternoon slot. As is apparent by now, Peter always says "yes" to everything so we had no choice! However, this did give us scope to share two of Peter's favourite themes:

"Dementia is a complicated condition surrounded by simplicity"


"The importance of support versus care."

Both sessions were extremely well attended and well received although I am not sure what the question was which prompted such an odd reaction from me in picture four!

One of the opportunities created during such events is the ability to network and, boy, did we network! In fact, I'm not quite sure what we have agreed to do in the future but I do know one will be in Colchester but hopefully not in the zoo.

It was fitting that the conference coincided with the release of Healthwatch Suffolk's findings about services in Suffolk. I love their tag line and can't think who might have said that;-)

People’s experiences of dementia in Suffolk

‘A roundabout with many exits and no signposts’:

To read the report click on the link:

and this report also contains a wonderful video of Peter and Teresa sharing their experiences.

On to day three of dementia awareness week...and we head to Chelmsford Hospital (for a talk, not for medical intervention.)

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