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Dementia Awareness Week: Chelmsford Hospital

Today's trip to Chelmsford Hospital marked the third of our activities for dementia awareness week. Despite what amounted to a two hour journey to get there (roadworks and all), we were faced with an attentive audience and some Danish pastries. Luckily we spoke to the first and consumed the second because it might have got awfully messy otherwise.

As ever with Peter's talks, there was the usual mixture of laughs and titters but it was equally clear that the audience was moved by his story. There was the suggestion of a return talk, combining with another hospital and, whilst this is not out of the question, someone needs to sort those roadworks out first!

Three consecutive days of events seemed like a jolly good idea when I booked them in the diary some months ago but I think both Peter and I are rather looking forward to cycling over the next couple of days by way of a rest!

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