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Bucklesham Grange Care Home

A quick thank you to Amanda from Bucklesham Grange Care Home. She delivered on her promise of an audience, of cakes and the provided a lovely additional touch of a birthday goodie bag for Peter and a hearty rendition of Happy Birthday!

Inevitably, during our talks, one will trigger the promise of another and it was suggested that Peter and I deliver a talk to the Parkinson's group in Ipswich. This made me think about how transferrable Peter's message is: it really is relevant to anyone who is living with a terminal condition - in fact, it's relevant to all of us. It's not so much about living well with dementia, it is a life message about living well, enjoying the moment and keeping positive.

I am also very proud that that Bucklesham Grange now have copies of both of our books in their resources library.

Amanda - thank you so much for persisting with finding a date for us to come to talk to your residents!

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