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Buckled, wheels, wonky derailleurs and bruised legs

Peter has been one of the patrons for London based organisation for about a year but had yet to meet Clare Morris, one of the company's founders. Today, however, that was rectified as Clare descended on our part of Suffolk and we arranged a bike ride, a coffee and the ubiquitous book signing all done, need I add, in a responsible socially distanced way.

Let's just say the liaison was....interesting....and involved - amongst other things - a buckled back wheel, a wonky derailleur, a bruised leg and some chips. Most of these outcomes were not planned, I hasten to add! However, a derailleur can be de-wonked, wheels can be de-buckled and bruises will heal and so no real harm was done. The chips were tasty though and eaten, sitting on a wall by the sea in Aldeburgh, during the warmest part of a drizzly Suffolk afternoon.

Clare, Peter, Teresa and I had some great discussions about future plans and further meetings and we all look forward to welcoming Clare back to Suffolk, preferably

without the buckled, wonky and bruised elements of her visit.

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