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Beccles Book Shop Joins the Ride

Just a quick thank you to Lee, the owner of Beccles Books Ltd, for stocking copies of "Slow Puncture". Prior to the publication of our book, I don't think I ever really appreciated the importance of independent bookshops but the last two years have been a huge learning curve for me. I have learned never to under-estimate the value of the indie bookshop!

Beccles Books join Halesworth Books, The Woodbridge Emporium and Dial Lane in Ipswich in selling the book and they have all been amazing. In addition local traders, like Truffles et al, The George Farnham Gallery and The Weavers, Peasenhall, have happily stocked and sold our books, all of which makes me value the sense of community even more.

The journey continues....

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