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BBC Radio Suffolk Sofa Guests

Over the past couple of years, we have built up a great relationship and rapport with many of the team at BBC Radio Suffolk, starting with the wonderful Lesley Dolphin and continuing with Georgy Jamieson and Johnnie Wright. They, plus assorted others, have been responsible in large measure for helping us to spread Peter’s story and his message about living well.

As has been well documented over the last few months, there are some major changes going on with local radio and this involves many of our friends and contacts living and working in great uncertainty.

So, it was an honour tinged with sadness that Georgy asked us to be her penultimate sofa guests. With these conflicting emotions as the backdrop, I must admit that we had a fantastic time in the studio, both before and during the interview. The pictures tell a story!

The recording of the interview can be found in the media section of the website or by clicking the link below:

As I reflect on this, I realise again what a debt of gratitude I owe, not only to some of the team at Radio Suffolk for the continued opportunities, but also to Peter. People talk about me supporting Peter and, yes, up to a point I do. But I want to reiterate that Peter has given me so much: confidence, belief, a sense of purpose, a broken shoulder, the ability to cycle miles (most recently on a fixed gear bike) and a certain bolshiness which (although some might venture to disagree) I never really had before.

The sofa slot passed in a blink of an eye and I honestly believe we could still all be talking even now. And the bolshiness to which I referred? This was me demanding from Georgy that I had the floor as the interview came to its close in order that Peter and I could present both her and Johnnie with signed copies of “Slow Puncture”. I hope that they are able to take inspiration from our book and Peter’s message and not to worry too much about the future, whatever it might bring, but to embrace the moment.

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