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Bad weather and three zoom meetings

A while ago, in a particularly random moment of planning, I arranged three zoom meetings over three consecutive days. In the calm light of day this might have seemed a little excessive. Luckily, with persistent rain and dreary skies in East Anglia, we had very little light or calm over these three days so perhaps it was fortuitous that we had something to fill the time.

Tuesday's meeting was with the Norfolk and Suffolk branch of the Alzheimer's Society and we have now established some excellent links to the extent that we will be delivering a talk to their team and other interested parties in April.

Wednesday's meeting was with Orwell Housing where we ran through the logistics for the "knowledge café" event, scheduled for May. It might be a virtual café, with virtual cake and virtual coffee but there will definitely be some very real people present.

And today's meeting, as we look to extend our collaboration in America, was with All Home Care Matters Podcast to see if we would be a good fit for one of their podcasts. I'm happy to say that we are and a date has been set for April. With a potential audience of 11 million viewers/listeners, I might even be tempted to brush my hair prior to the interview.

Now, if the higher powers that be could sort out this weather, I'd be very grateful as I suspect we would all rather be zooming on the bike than over an iPad.

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