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Back in the USA with All Home Care Matters

Oh, how we have grown to love a podcast! It’s incredible to think that, since 2020, we have made in excess of a dozen and I really enjoy seeing how the podcasts evolve as the story evolves. In a way, Peter’s journey is very much my journey and I am grateful to him for allowing me to travel with him: I know that I have grown in confidence and I understand that I do have more of a value and a purpose in life than I realised and this is, in part, down to Peter.

This podcast, recorded by Lance A. Slatton, for is our latest one and is available on all social media channels, including YouTube:

All Home Care Matters is the “leading voice on long-term care issues effecting families & caregivers” and attracts a following of some 19,000 on Facebook, 121,000 on YouTube and almost 45,000 on Instagram. That’s a lot of followers!

Thank you, Lance, for your interviewing skills, your empathy and your humour and, of course, for the immaculate production of this podcast (and I’m even happy to be Blunt on this occasion😉)

I particularly love the way Lance and his production team have included photos of Peter, of our books and activities, which are interspersed at key moments of the podcast making it a great viewing experience as well as an audio one.

As always, it’s an honour and a privilege to be involved with the work of others who promote living well with Alzheimer’s, but also, it’s fantastic to continue to showcase Peter’s views, journey and our friendship.

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