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All the way from Hong Kong!

Thank you, Deborah Kan, for this article in your recent newsletter "Being Patient", penned in Hong Kong but arriving in the UK via a source from the USA. Deborah was giving a talk on brain research, and, after her talk, her thoughts turned to - who else - but Peter.

In her article (click on link below to access it), she includes that wonderful 7-minute documentary about Peter which, although it was made over three years ago, stands the test of time really well.

It is quite incredible that Peter from that tiny village in Suffolk (yes, the village with TWO streetlights which, in the opinion of many although not perhaps mine, elevates it the rank of a town) should be in the thoughts of a lecture which took place in Hong Kong.

Thank you to our friends at AlzAuthors for pointing this out to me: what a great example of how networking really does cast its net far and wide.

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