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All aboard the (Online) Express

Whilst I must confess, it came as a surprise to be see this article in the Express Online, once I had regained my wayward equilibrium I was able to see how this is yet another example of the way that Peter's story is spreading.

Thank you so much to Young Dementia Network (and Kate in particular) for flagging this up. It's a shame the journalist didn't find a picture of Peter to use in the article (and Lord knows, there are enough of them floating around - he must be one of the most photographed people in Suffolk Coastal!) and it must also be noted that the journalist pretty well lifted the story directly from Young Dementia Network's website - but it is suitably gratifying to see the book mentioned and a link to this website included in the article so, in this season of melancholy and all that malarkey, forgiveness is granted.

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