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As Flanders and Swann famously sang:

In July the sun is hot,

Is it shining?

No it's not.

You have to be a certain generation to appreciate that wonderful song but these words were certainly applicable for today's book fair in Saxmundham.

A few weeks ago, we had chatted with Tony Cox, owner of Claude Cox Old & Rare Books, and he had willingly agreed that we could attend his monthly book fair with copies of "Slow Puncture". As you can see, Peter and Teresa braved the damp weather and arrived in style (obviously they weren't both on the penny farthing, that would just be silly and probably quite dangerous.)

Despite the miserable weather, we had a great morning, made some more contacts, got an invite to attend an arts market in Woodbridge next month (August 1st for those interested!) and had an impromptu chat with Wayne Burns from Alde & Blyth Community Radio with a view to having a more substantial radio interview soon.

It takes more than the English weather to dampen our enthusiasm; oh yes, the wind can blow and crack its cheeks but, take note King Lear, we in Suffolk are made of hardier stuff than that!

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