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Apparently that's one of the many collective nouns for a group of librarians: other options are a catalogue of librarians, a sheaf of librarians, a volume of librarians, a stack of librarians and, my own favourite, an index of librarians.

Anyway, whichever collective noun one chooses to use, Peter spoke to a sprinkling of Suffolk librarians today (ooh, that's a good one, hope that catches on). The talk was arranged by Kellie Dimmock whose title is so impressive I have to share it: Information for Living Librarian Content and Resource Development Team. Suffolk Libraries

Apart from this being another opportunity for Peter to share his insights on what living well with dementia means from his perspective and to deliver another great talk, it has also set the preliminary wheels in motion for more work to be done in Suffolk around awareness raising and, importantly, laid the foundations for setting up some support groups for those living with early onset dementia and their families.

Now, in keeping with the library theme, please leave this page quietly and take any rubbish with you. Thank you.

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