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A little bit of the USA in Suffolk

A while back I was contacted by Nikki Jardin, co-founder of Mirador Magazine - A Dementia-Friendly Publication in the USA. Mirador is a magazine designed for those with memory impairment and, unsurprisingly, we were in the edition featuring bikes – picture three.

Nikki and I have continued to network across the Ocean and to share our work/ideas and then she told me she was coming to the UK and would be basing some of her trip around a visit to Suffolk. How amazing was that!

As well as attending our talk at Ipswich Hospital, Nikki was also able to loiter for the day in Saxmundham (and let's be honest, a day is more than enough for anyone to loiter in Sax without attracting too much negative attention).

Peter and I spent the morning co-loitering with her, chatting, showing her the sights and personalities of Saxmundham and generally exchanging ideas. That’s what you call networking!

And I must say - I do rather approve of Nikki's choice of reading material as she settled down to her train journey out of Saxmundham to London...

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