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A huge thanks to Mirador Magazine

One of the most incredible outcomes of sharing Peter's story is that we meet the most incredible people! Now, I did a lot of 'networking' in days of yore when I was working in London but it all seemed, quite frankly, a little tepid, inconsequential - ok, it was meaningless, hence my decision to retire from work and leave London.

But in my new life - in my much more meaningful life - I have found some of those skills remain and they have been put to good use.

As well as the fabulous people from AlzAuthors in the USA, we have had the pleasure of being interviewed by All Home Care Matters, Lori La Bey from, Christine Smith, Jennifer Fink from Fading Memories Podcast - and this is by no means an exhaustive list! And last year, we developed a contact with Nikki Jardin from Mirador Magazine.

Nikki, who is based in Portland, was heading to the UK this summer. After ‘doing’ London, she ensured her trip also took her to that well known tourist spot, that hive of activity, that hub of culture: Saxmundham, where she hung out with us for a couple of days.

It was obvious that she was captured by Peter’s attitude, his rhetoric and his humour and she asked whether it would be possible for Peter to read some of his poetry and she would create suitable backgrounds as an accompaniment.

The results are wonderfully evocative. Not only is Peter’s voice captured, you can also feel the emotion in his voice as he reads and hears his work for what is, ostensibly for him, the first time.

Saxmundham is now well and truly on the must visit list for every American. Thank you, Nikki. See you next year, your room at the Bell Hotel in Saxmundham is waiting for you!

I'm hoping that without my IT support, who has disappeared for the day, that the link below works. If not, on his return, I will amend.

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