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A Hitchcock Scene in Suffolk

Yesterday, Peter and I had the great privilege to meet Marianne Sciucco, one of the co-founders of AlzAuthors. Marianne and her husband had just arrived from America to the UK to see family and happened to be in Suffolk.

The original plan for Peter to 'penny' down to Aldeburgh was abandoned due to the extreme heat but, nonetheless, Peter and I cycled down on more sensible bikes at a leisurely pace and it felt surreal when I spotted Marianne standing, as planned, by the Moot Hall.

The obligatory fish and chips lunch was well under way and our American amigos were given the full Aldeburgh experience when most of their food was expertly swiped by the dive-bombing seagulls. Despite the loss of their food and their still rumbling tummies, our friends had to good grace to chortle about their Hitchcockian experience.

From my perspective, meeting Marianne was a seminal moment as it was she and her organisation who have done so much to promote both of our books. From Peter's perspective, here was another opportunity to share facts and anecdotes about his beloved Suffolk and I know Marianne appreciated his inside knowledge and repartee.

I would urge anyone who is looking for information, books, podcasts, blogs or inspiration to check out the AlzAuthors website. Equally, I would urge anyone planning on consuming fish and chips in Aldeburgh to be less gung ho than our visitors were.

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