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A-Conferencing We Shall Go...

Some months ago, Peter was invited to be one of the speakers at the conference hosted by SAICP – Suffolk Association of Independent Care Providers and, being Peter, he accepted in a heartbeat.

Hopefully, the pictures are self-explanatory although I think some explanation of the first one would be useful. It is Peter, in a little hub, ad libbing into a microphone on the subject of "How do you think we should be thinking differently in health and care?"

Also noteworthy is the conference brochure and the page dedicated to Peter and to me - nice that we had a whole page to ourselves! I have included a couple of screen shots of our presentation and I am blushing furiously at the tweet I received which described us as 'absolutely delightful' - thinking of having that one framed!

The day was a great success and, afterwards, we were approached by a few people who asked if Peter would talk to staff at their care organisations.

As we walked back to the car, Peter saw a huge tree (final picture). So, there is Peter, standing in the grounds of Wherstead Park by "old knobbly", a tree which he instantly recognised and which he had frequently pruned, or whatever it is you do to a tree. It was wonderful to see how this tree transported him back to his workdays and the pleasure "old knobbly" had brought to him. Hmmmm, perhaps I should re-phrase that last sentence.

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