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"A challenge isn't a challenge if it's not challenging."

disclaimer: this is not Peter, and any resemblance is purely coincidental.

Today marked the first day of Peter's new challenge: to learn to swim. His narrative has always been "I can't swim, I just sink to the bottom" and so what better month to challenge and to change this narrative than September: World Alzheimer's Month.

Our journey to Leiston Pool, undertaken with some trepidation by one of us (me - my knowledge of first aid is non-existent) was a success in that Peter did not drown/sink/need rescuing. In fact, a triumphant Peter swam - albeit it in a rather eccentric, unique hybrid style - four lengths of the pool.

We are delighted to say that Leiston pool will be supporting Peter in this challenge by offering him some swimming lessons and this is another example of how supportive our local community continues to be.

This is not a fund-raising challenge (although donations to Alzheimer's Research UK are always welcome) but a challenge to show that people living with dementia can learn new skills and conquer new heights (or whatever the aquatic equivalent is of a height - depths just didn't sound quite right!)

Polish off those goggles and ditch the rubber ring - Peter is on the swimming trail...

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