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A busy Wednesday in the Berry world

This morning, Peter participated in a zoom meeting with the North-West regional team of SOLLA (Society of Later Life Advisers). This is his fifth talk with SOLLA members across their various regions. Peter shared his insights into how he lives well with dementia, the financial implications for people who have received a dementia diagnosis in his age group and how he finds focusing on the simplicity which surrounds the complicated parts of dementia really is a useful approach. We are delighted to see (as per the screen shot) that SOLLA list "Slow Puncture" in their resource hub.

After a well-deserved coffee break at one of our favourite Saxmundham cafes (we love them all, just in case anyone from Sax is reading this), it was on to Dennington to meet with Belinda. Belinda, who lives in Abu Dhabi for most of the year, was back in Suffolk for the summer. We were introduced to Belinda at The Weavers some time ago and had subsequently talked via zoom with her UAE book group. The group members wanted us to sign some books and so Belinda arrived with copies of our books for us to do to just this before jetting back to the UAE with them. Many thanks to the book group who stood us lunch - also in the screen shot!

All this - and no cycling!

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