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It's early days in terms of its release into the book world, but "Walk with Me" has already received its first two ratings - thankfully both five stars (and let's face it, if the ratings were one star, I would not be writing this article!) I thought my attempts at anonymising the reviewers' names were particularly noteworthy.

Another pleasant surprise greeted me when I noted that the book was number 27 in the category of friendship and number 42 in the category of inspirational & religious poetry. This is the first time that we have hit the top hundred simultaneously in two different categories. Cue much cheerful cavorting.

Alas, Amazon, in their corporate, huge greedy monster wisdom have already reduced the price of the book so I am sorry if anyone bought their copy at the price which was originally set. Nothing to do with us! But, if you want to grab a bargain and take advantage of the reduction in price, here's your chance to do so!

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