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In his own inimitable manner, Peter has set himself a personal challenge for this calendar year. Not content with the range of online meetings, presentations and talks that we have planned, Peter today declared 2022 as the "Fixed Gear for a Year" challenge whereby he will cycle as many miles as possible on his fixed wheel bike or, as we say in the trade, on his fixie.

For those of you who are not familiar with the intricacies of the bicycle, a simple explanation is that the bike has no gears and no freewheel so Peter will be pedalling for the entirety of every ride. As a rule of thumb, for every 20 miles we cycle on bikes with a freewheel, Peter will be be doing the equivalent of 30 miles and so on. There's Peter posing with his fixie (note the elegant 1952 single speed bike nestling coyly alongside Peter's bike but, hey, this is not about me...)

We will update social media every few weeks with the cumulative mileage and perhaps the hashtag of #FGFAY (fixed gear for a year) will catch on or perhaps Peter will be persuaded to have #FGFAY tattooed on his left leg...hmmmm...there's a thought.

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