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Reading Well with Dementia & The Society of Authors

This week marks the start of dementia action week and I am delighted officially to share the first piece of our news:

“Slow Puncture” was selected by The Reading Agency as part of their Reading Well with Dementia list.  Here's a link to the full list: Reading Well for dementia

The Reading Agency works in partnership with Libraries Connected and The Reading Well element provides recommend reading to help people understand and manage their health and wellbeing. 

What does this mean for us?

·      It means that every library authority in England and Wales has bought one or more copies of the book.  

·      It means that The Book Guild has been busy printing and reprinting copies of the book to fulfil the orders from the library authorities. 

·      It means that Peter’s experiences, words, thoughts and actions will reach many more people.

·      It means, of the 20 books nationwide selected for the list,  Suffolk is represented.  

It also meant that Peter and I made a clandestine trip to London a couple of weeks ago to visit the offices of The Society of Authors (which I suspect gave me a bigger thrill than it did Peter!). Here, we were interviewed and filmed, talking about the book and what its inclusion on the Reading Well's list meant for us. Some of this footage should appear on their website soon. And, yes, I did maximise this opportunity to take a cheeky photo of "Slow Puncture" on their shelves. Obviously I placed in there for that very purpose - and you would have all done the same, I'm sure!

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