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Framlingham library revisited

Forget re-visiting Brideshead, re-visiting Framlingham Library was much more satisfying. 

Peter and I last spoke at this library on 24 October 2021.  The reason I state the date with such certainty is a) I am an obsessive and b) it’s two and a half years since our last talk there and, if anything, this was a better talk.  You’d think dementia would take its toll on Peter, right?  But, no.  Despite the passing of time, Peter was able to deliver a moving and funny session on how he lives well with Alzheimer’s.  Obviously, the talk was enhanced by my input (that’s irony by the way) but I do think it’s worth a mention that, despite the passing of time, Peter was still the consummate performer.  As his lived experience changes, his talk changes but the honesty, poignancy and humour remain very much intact.

Feedback from one audience member: “Thank you for such a wonderful, funny, honest talk. I wish I’d heard this before the journey I went on with my mum.”

Another person said to me that “Slow Puncture” had been a life saver when her husband received his diagnosis. 

To be honest, that sort of response fuels our desire to continue to deliver these sessions.

Thank you to those who came to hear the talk and for the donations to Alzheimer’s Research UK.  An acknowledgement, too, to the heckler from Wickham Market whose behaviour, on this occasion, was exemplary.

Finally, a huge thank you to the library manager, Vivia, for all of her support and help and her flashy Instagram posts. 

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