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London Ho! It's the Alzheimer's Show

The prospect of going to London to had been in the background for many weeks but suddenly, as sure as the flowers that bloom in the spring, the day had come. The Berrys and I arrived in North London - or the big citey as we say around these parts - and were quickly involved in meeting people, networking and, most importantly, deciding which of the many fine eateries in this part of London we would frequent that night. (We opted for the Thai restaurant for those who are remotely interested followed by frozen yogurt with assorted toppings).

Although the attendance at the Show was understandably lower than hoped, it was still a great opportunity to meet organisations and faces which were now so familiar to us via social media. Amongst those we greeted were Dementia Carers Count,,, Dementia UK and - apologies if I have omitted any organisation.

I think it's safe to say that Teresa was suitably chuffed to meet Scott Mitchell (the late, great Barbara Windsor's husband and a great supporter of Alzheimer's Research UK. ) On an individual level it was fantastic to see Sue, whom the Berrys met via the "Restaurant That Makes Mistakes" programme. Sue delivered a fantastic presentation on the Friday and then came back on the Saturday to support Peter. Keep your eyes open on social media for a brilliant new challenge coming up from the intrepid pair....We also met Chris and Jayne Roberts and award winning podcaster, Penny Bell from Discovering Dementia.

On a very personal level I want to thank Peter for the opportunity he created for me: standing on the platform next to him was a privilege and something I never thought I would have the courage to do. As Peter travels on his dementia journey, he has somehow scooped me up and empowered me to do and achieve so many things. Thank you to a great friend and life coach.

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