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Dining at the knowledge café with Orwell HA

A few months ago, the Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Co-Ordinator at Orwell Housing heard Peter talking on one of our sessions on BBC Radio Suffolk. She was so blown away by Peter, that she contacted me to ask if we would like to participate in one of the housing association's 'knowledge café' sessions. Along with the talks Peter gives to dementia based organisations, it really important to take his knowledge further and so to have the opportunity to talk with professionals within the housing sector was too good an opportunity to eschew.

That session was today and Orwell's perspective and feedback on the talk can be seen via the link below:

As well as Peter sharing his lived experience on dementia, he was able to offer some useful tips and strategies which, I am sure, will prove useful to staff members working and supporting those with memory impairment/dementia.

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